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Clean Rooms

Clean Rooms Project, We were approached by a local factory who we carry out maintenance and building work for; they required a self-contained clean environment within an existing factory unit.

food prep hatch lincolnshire


Clean Rooms and Food Preparation Projects

Following the initial meeting where we discussed their requirements, we came up with design and information on suitable materials and fittings.

On the second meeting, we agreed the design and materials to be used.

Location: Lincolnshire - Food Preperaton

Food Preparation Rooms

The clean room complex was a timber frame design using timber stud frames clad with far eastern plywood.  The roof was joisted out and plywood fixed to the inside.  The top was decked out for services and maintenance access.

The inside was fully lined out with bacteria resistant white PVC sheets and the ceiling clad with tongue and groove PVC panels.

We provided glass transfer hatches, sliding personnel doors and hinged doors all with the emphasis on easy cleaning with minimal dust traps.


An industrial chemical resistant non-slip floor was laid with coved edges returning up the walls.

The purpose of the clean room was to provide an environment to strip, clean, inspect and re-assemble the jets used for spinning carbon fibre.  Each section of the process had its own room fitted out for the specific section of the process.

This is only one such application we have carried where we have had to tailor the project to suit the client's individual requirements.  This could have just as easily been plastered out to provide an office block.

Projects like this could be carried out in the food processing sector, medical or technology areas which all have the need for hygienic environments.

We are using this page as a demonstration of the attention to detail and versatility of our company with tailor-made solutions to our customer requirements.

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